Gas fields are dangerous places to go harvesting star dust. Crazy the things you see in space. Streaks of light arc across the hull.

The last thing you wanted was to get caught in a plasma storm.

Looks like we’re in for a bumpy ride!


Hot Pinks and vibrant oranges swirl with inky black and vivid irridescents to form this hand held Nebula.


Goliath D20's are a massive 50mm in size, and are handcast in a UV stable resin.

These Giants among dice are wonderfully tactile objects and would make great a paperweight. 


Careing for your Goliath:

We understand its a massive Die and you'll be itching to roll your new beauty, due to their size and sharp edges/corners we recommend that if you do roll your new piece of art that you use a soft for cusioned surface to help prevent accidental damage to the corners.

Try to keep it out of Direct Sunlight, our resin is UV stable, but some of our inks, dyes, and inclusions may be damaged or discoloured if left in full Sun.



These are hand cast and crafted, we try to make our Dice as balanced as possible but we can make no guarantees.





Ion Storm


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