“As you search through the dusty old desk, your fingers brush a raised knot in the wood work. Click. A hidden panel drops open. A collection of grubby glass vials containing a red glistening liquid, are stashed in the revealed compartment, they’ve clearly been here a while.”Standard, Greater, Superior, and Supreme Health potions. These Glass bottles make for great props to enhance your games, each containing the exact amount of D4 required to drink your way back to an improvement in health. Each bottle has a laser engraved wooden identification label, tied on with a faux leather thonging. A clear acrylic tag to the back of the bottle for use with dry/wet wipe markers to keep stock of how many you have without needing to pull your inventory out.A solid glittering layer red and gold ‘liquid’ making the bottle a great surprise prop, even with the dice and label removed. 

Health Potion

Potion Size
Dice Colour: Red

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