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 So we heard you like Dice?

Well we do too! So much so I made my sister a giant Leather D20 for Christmas to help her look after hers. So many people loved it and wanted their own, I set about designing a way to make that happen.

Now here we are. 

The initial prototypes were made and set loose in the wild and initial feed back was strong. I made some minor adjustments to the design and now they are ready to go to new homes.

 Whats in the Box?


  Good Question.


In every box you will find everything you need to build your very own Giant D20 Draw Sting Dice Bag.  

  • 20 Press cut 3-4 mm (approximately) thick Vegetable tanned leather side panels, in your choice of 12 colour finishes. 

  • 5 of these panels will come preset with eyelets ready for your drawstring cord. Which 5 will depend on if you choose to have a Blank finish, Natural 20, Natural 1, or a Spindown configuration.

  • 1 length of colour coordinated silky rattail cord for your drawstring.

  • 1 plastic colour coordinated sprung slide toggle, to keep everything secure. 

  • 2 plastic colour coordinated cord end toggles.

  • 1 Scroll of assembly instructions.

  • Many Many meters of braided cord to lace all the panels together.


When your Kit is built your Bag will Measure approximately 14.5cm X 14.5cm

D20 Dice Bag Kit

Numbers, Numbers, Numbers.

Okay you got me there should be 4 pictures up there, but you get the idea:

  •  Blank : No numbers just smooth smooth sides. 

  • Natural 20: We set eyelets in the numbers 2,4,14,18, and 20 so you can arrange your pieces like a standard dice, you'll always score a Critical hit with a 20 to the top.

  • Natural 1: We set eyelets in the numbers 1,3,7,17 and 19 you can still arrange your pieces like a standard dice, but maybe you prefer to get those epic fails out on the table before you roll.

  • Spin down: We set eyelets in the numbers 16,17,18,19, and 20 for if you prefer a little more order to your chaos or just like counting things down.

That looks like a lot of sewing?

 Honestly, its going to take a few hours to put together, but on the plus side if you can lace a shoe you'll be fine. Both the Simple Cross Stitch and Straight Lace are exactly as you would expect. The Edge Stitch look great running round each panel, but is a little trickier to get the tension between panels right. (these pictures are taken of the prototype pieces, the new panels have 8 holes along each side not 7 which gives a nice even number of X's)

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